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Hi, we are Matthias & Mieke!

A Belgian couple that decided to live life to the fullest and set sail to travel the world. We like to explore and discover new places in a spontaneously manner. Just taking our backpacks and not planning too much ahead works best for us to indulge into a new country.

We feel very lucky that we can travel around the world, so we wanted to give something back. That’s why we share our travel and budget tips with you. The goal of this website is simple: provide in-depth country guides with useful travel information, share our travel experiences and connect with other travelers.

If you have any questions or need information on any kind of topic we are here to help!
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Already have your dream destination in mind? Or looking for travel inspiration for your next big trip? You’ve found the right trail. On our blog pages you can find:

  • Complete and in-depth country guides

  • Easy to follow itineraries

  • Budget saving tips
  • Our favorite places to discover delicious local meals

  • Detailed maps with all top sights for easy navigation

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The main goal of this website is to share our passion for travel and help other fellow travelers to explore new destinations. In order to do so we created six categories of travel tips with useful info we wish we knew before we started our world trip adventure.


5 of Europe’s Most Underrated Destinations to Consider Visiting

Popular destinations are popular for a reason — they’re reliable, tried-and-tested favourites. But sometimes it’s worth looking beyond what’s familiar and visiting somewhere new and not as affected by tourism. We’ve put together a list of Europe’s most underrated destinations, so you can start planning your next trip now.

How expensive is traveling in Cambodia?

How expensive is Cambodia? Ever wanted to travel to a country that is still not fully discovered by mass tourism and doesn't cost a fortune? Than Cambodia is the answer! For 1350 USD you can travel a month in Cambodia.

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