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Hi, we are Matthias and Mieke. A Belgian couple that is currently on the road to explore the world. First and foremost we want to thank you for visiting our website. We genuinely appreciate every visit, like or comment we get regarding our adventures. This being said, let us introduce you to “pack to life” and what this site is all about.


Are you new to the blog and not sure where to start? You’ve found the right place! This page is all about easy navigation and helping you find the right information. Whether you’re looking for free travel guides, photography tips or planning your next vacation we’ve got you covered! All our blog posts are ordered into 3 big categories: travel planning & tips, country & travel guides and travel photography. Just scroll down and click on the images of your interest.

Planning a trip?

Preparing for travel and finding the right destinations can be very time consuming. But we are here to help. Below you can find all our best advice, resources and even free to download maps. Our blog posts are meant to be easy to follow, highly informative and highly qualitative. All with one goal in mind: spend less time preparing and spend more time traveling.

Looking for travel guides?

We provide complete and in-depth travel guides for every country we’ve visited. These guides have literally everything you need to know about a country, including:

  • Easy to follow itineraries
  • Transportation info
  • Our favorite places to discover delicious local meals
  • Detailed maps with all top sights for easy navigation

Just click on the continent where you’re next destination is situated.

Looking for travel inspiration?

Do you want to discover new places? Than what’s better than pictures and videos to do so? Here you can find our best travel photos and videos from every country we visited.